If you’re on a mission to elevate your life (or the lives of others), live happier, with more confidence and intentionality... then you're meant to meet Drops of Gratitude! They create products and tools to help humans from all walks of life harness the goodness around them to live with even more joy and fulfillment.

Blending aromatherapy, gemstone energy, and other gifts from nature to bring a wide variety of meaningful, high-vibe items to unique shops across North America. 

Today, there is a high demand for products and practices that benefit our mental health; with immense knowledge in this field, Drops of Gratitude has exploded in growth and proven to be an inspiring guide to help people find wellness.

The flagship product, and the piece of jewelry that sparked DG, is the essential oil bracelet (or aromatherapy bracelet). As the business grows, they continue to find new ways to bring their community the more tools to live an intentional life - like gratitude journals (authored by our founder!), kids' bracelets and more!