Meet Lannie Rae!

Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home and this is us extending the warmth of our kitchen to you.

We believe the best meals are those homestyle creations shared and cherished with all of your special people. We endeavour to create convenient and delicious "slow" products that you can easily whip up at home for every day use, special occasions and traditions and even be confident in giving them as beautiful, abundant gifts.

We grew up on hearty and homey foods, often made from scratch and it is that feel and tradition we wish to pass on. We may be a convenience product of sorts, however we are in the business of encouraging you to take the time, gather your inner peace, mix them up slow and mindfully and ultimately experience the process with all the senses. We are truly in the business of connection.

We take substantial pride in our products as well as the process. We are truly artisanal and unlike many other similar companies, we are incredibly unique with our range of offerings and we continue to hand blend each flavour by hand and on site. From blending to packaging and everything in between, every order is filled and delivered with pride, passion and gratitude (perhaps a few choice words too!)

The People Behind the Scenes

We cannot keep growing without some really great team members! We are incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon some of the most supportive team players out there! From family and friends to our contracted staff, so many people have stepped up to the pancake plate over the years!

While this is a woman owned operation, there is a key man making his space and keeping the pace in the kitchen. Trevor Jensen, partner in life, baby daddy and the master baker from our past life in the bakery business, helps in a very large way with fulfilling orders!