Frontier Shareables

The Frontier Sharables celebrates the spirit of the Calgary Stampede with the finest flavors and experiences. Whether you're a fan of the Stampede or love high-quality treats, this gift box is perfect for you and someone special.

  • STAMPEDE BUDWEISER BEER takes center stage with two refreshing cans, paying homage to the iconic event. 
  • ASOBU STAINLESS STEEL MUG is crafted with premium stainless steel and enamel coating, this stunning red mug adds outdoor charm without compromising quality. 
  • Indulge your taste buds with RANGE FUEL HONEY GARLIC BEEF JERKY. Made from 100% grass-fed Alberta beef, this jerky offers a delicious blend of flavors. 
  • ROSSO INSTANT SPECIALTY COFFEE - BASECAMP: Enjoy a rich cup of coffee on the go with these convenient compostable sachets. Just add hot water and savor the carefully crafted coffee blend.
  • Complete the Frontier Sharables Gift Box with MEATCHOPS BISON JERKY. Indulge in the rich, tender texture and natural goodness of this premium bison jerky.

The Frontier Sharables Gift Box is the perfect choice for gifting or indulging in a delightful assortment of carefully curated flavors. Celebrate the Calgary Stampede with style and immerse yourself in exceptional products that highlight the craftsmanship and culinary excellence of Western Canada.

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