Gemelli Pasta


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We use premium bronze casts to impart to our pasta a lovely porous texture, to which sauces stick more easily. To achieve a classical dente consistency, our artisanal pasta undergoes a slow drying process at 30C for 12 to 20 hours, depending on its thickness. This ensures the center of the pasta stays firmer and doesn't cook as much once plunged into boiling water. Thanks to this consistency, your pasta dishes will be a success, every time. Uses; Gemelli is better suited to thicker sauces, such as our Sicilian and puttanesca sauces. Distinctives attributes; The difference is obvious when our product is compared to mass produced pasta, extruded in Teflon casts: they are shiny and smooth, which means the sauce can't coat the pasta and ends up at the bottom of the plate instead. Our pasta is produced in one of Italy's purest, most pollutant-free areas: the mountains of the Antola natural reserve. Contains: Wheat. May contain: Tree nuts (chestnuts).