Jingle Bell Pops Holiday Gourmet Popcorn 125g

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FESTIVE. FRESH. SWEET. Belgian white chocolate-covered kettle corn sprinkled with crushed candy cane and peppermint schnapps-infused sugar crystals that literally POP in your mouth. A decadent treat for carefree mornings, and gatherings around the brunch table with your loved ones during the festive season. 

7" l x 4" w x 11.5" h
INGREDIENTS: White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), Popcorn, Peppermint (tapioca syrup, vegetable juice, peppermint oil), Sugar crystals (lactose (milk), corn syrup solids, carbon dioxide), Coconut oil, Cane sugar, Peppermint extract (alcohol, peppermint oil), Mint liqueur.

Contains: Milk and Soy

Note: While real alcohol is infused into the products, it gets burned off during the cooking process, leaving the residual base flavour notes. The finished product is alcohol-free.