Goal Mapping Notebook | Refreshed Layout: Goal Mapping Notebook | A5


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Take your goals from dream to reality with our comprehensive Goal Mapping Notebook, specifically designed to help you break your goals into actionable steps. Each main spread lets you plan out 6 weeks of goals at a time visually with a pie chart system and more in depth with weekly graph notes. A longer term section allows you to break your goals into longer stretches of time up to an entire year ahead. Notebook Features: * A5 size * Measures 5.75 inches wide x 8.25 inches high * Sturdy cardstock cover * 32 pages / 16 sheets (including cover) * Stapled binding * Rounded corners Pages and Fields: * Yearly goals page * Month/quarter/half year/one year goals page * Graph notes page * Pie chart goals pages * Weekly goal mapping pages Listing is for one set of Goal Mapping Notebook