Fizz & Sweets Celebration Set


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Description: Indulge in a sparkling celebration with our Fizz & Sweets Celebration Set, a luxurious gift box curated to elevate your taste buds and add a touch of bubbly delight to any occasion. This elegant ensemble features a delightful combination of gourmet treats and a delightful bubbly, making it the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any joyous milestone worth toasting!


  • Pop the Champagne Infused Popcorn by Eatable: Experience the magic of champagne-infused popcorn, crafted to perfection by Eatable. Each fluffy kernel carries a delightful hint of bubbly, creating a unique and unforgettable snacking experience.

  • Champagne Bears by Sugarfina: Elevate your sweet tooth's journey with Sugarfina's Champagne Bears. These gummy bears are infused with real champagne and dusted with a touch of sweet and sour crystals, delivering a burst of effervescent flavor with every bite.

  • Freixenet Italian Rose 200ml: Raise a toast with this delightful 200ml bottle of Freixenet Italian Rose, a captivating sparkling wine with vibrant notes of red berries and delicate floral undertones. Perfect for sipping and savoring life's most cherished moments.