Chelsey Parker, is the crafter and creative mind behind Meat Chops Leather Shop. Inspired by open road adventures on her motorbike (her horsepower), Meat Chops Leather Shop was born in the summer of 2015 in Saskatoon SK. Embracing the whole-animal approach for all its bovine beauty by merging both old art forms of crafting leather and the perseveration of their meat into original Road Fuel aka beef jerky, sustenance for all the seasons.

Her love of working and creating with her hands stems back to her hobby of up-cycling vintage clothing and to her education background as a registered massage therapist. She worked as a therapist for over 10 years to help her clients find better quality of life by trying to address the root cause of their ailments and treat them proactively. She's a hands-on type of person who loves to see the healing affects as a whole; within ourselves, our land, soil, water, the animals, the food system.

Crafting a product with positive impact and purpose is her main drive and passion. It’s about respecting what we have before us and breathing new life into an old way of practice. Embracing the old teachings of protecting and preserving what we have or want to get back. This is why Meat Chops sources certified grass fed beef from our prairie paradise where bovine graze free range on lush prairie native grasslands in the spring/summer and a mixture of bio-diverse grasses and hay in the winter months. They live longer healthy lives as they are not fed corn or grains to fattened them up faster. They aren’t administered added growth hormones or antibiotics nor do they get shipped to cramped feedlots with stressful slaughter.

In fact, the craft harvesting facility where Meat Chops sources in Saskatchewan was designed by Temple Gradin and her team, a leading animal welfare scientist in the livestock industry. When we invest in grass-fed beef nourishment, we invest in our health, land, soil, water and regenerative agricultural practices and support the land-stewards/ranchers who care and tend to preserving the original unplowed native grasses.

Their meat mantra is a committed one. Eat meat. Craft leather. Respect cow. Full circle. Let’s Meat up!